Usual spots

As a local musician, you can find Guillermo playing all over town. From Festivals to Local Clubs, there’s no spot in the Houston area that doesn’t need a dash of Spanish Fusion!

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Tues, Fri, Sat & Sun


Simonton, Tx

Anthonie’s Market Grill

Country side, wine, amazing food, beautiful Spanish guitar

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Last Thursday of every month.

Houston TX



Salento Bistrot

A casual cafe & bistro serving breakfast, light fare & single-source coffee by day & wine at night. 

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1st & 3rd Sunday of month

Richmond, TX


Big. Texas. Wine and Brewery. Fresh open country air and of course, Spanish Fusion guitar

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Featured Videos

Large stage, or at home in front of the fireplace. Everything just feels better with classical styled Flamenco and Spanish Fusion guitar in the background!